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Default Wooden Boats and Rum!

For those MORers that enjoy boats, and especially wooden boats of the Gatsby era, I'm posting a link to our "CYA" (Classic Yacht Association...not the "other" CYA!) website. This site, like our own beloved MOR, has a broad range of topics of interest to lovers of antique and classic power boats, including a forum. Here's the main site link:

International Classic Yacht Association

In addition, there's a forum for discussion and news of interest to members and friends. A lot of the forum is devoted to announcements of events, questions of local interest and the like, but you can find local events to visit if you're of a mind. CYA events are free of entrance charges and usually feature boat tours as well. If you'd like to join the forum, follow the instructions for doing so and we'll get back to you with "permissions" as we say in the web-master trade! Here's the forum link:

CYA Forum

I post as "Rita" and you won't miss me if you visit the forum, because it's my job to moderate it. I think you might enjoy a brief walk through the fleet photos, which can be found here, and require no "sign up."

classic photos

What better place to enjoy a glass?
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