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Default Barbancourt 15 - Estate Especiale vs Reserve du Domaine

Thirty years ago, I came to love Barbancourt 15 year old Reserve du Domaine. Every bottle had a serial number on the back. One day, after the Haitian embargo of the early 90s, I bought a bottle and noticed a different quality, not so mature, not so viscous, not as smooth. I looked at the bottle closely to find several differences: it still had 15 years old on the label, but the name was changed to Estate Reserve and there was no number on the bottle.

Traveling to the Turks and Caicos Islands, I started looking closer at the bottles. Sure enough, there it was -- Reserve du Domaine, with a numbered bottle. I felt releved to discover my old friend. I never acquired another bottle of Estate Reserve in the US again, until this week.

Just finished a tasting of the Gifted Rums of Hispaniola, featuring some of my favorite rums from Haiti and Dominican Republic. Along with about 40 rum enthusiasts, we sat down to compare the differences in these two 15 year old Barbancourt rums.

Quite a difference. If you're drinking the 15 year old Barbancourt we get here in the US, you're missing the real McCoy. The real Reserve du Domaine is darker, richer, smoother and more satisfying. The Estate Reserve is a bit sweeter, lighter and not as smooth.

I can't say why there's a difference, but I'm planning to look into this further.

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