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Hello all rum lovers. I've sought out the Ministry of Rum forum because I'm very worried that the rum that has pacified my liver all of my adult life has disappeared off the shelves here in Florida and as well, Georgia. For forty plus years I've enjoyed Bacardi Anejo rum BOTTLED IN MEXICO - not Puerto Rico - either straight up or in a Cuba Libra. My late wife Chris and I used to haul it back from Bimini in quantity every summer to supply myself, my late father and friends. In recent years I was able to buy it here in Florida and often took it to Central Europe to share with my friends there. All love it. Recently I've noticed that the only Bacardi I see on the shelves is from Puerto Rico. The so-called "Anejo" from Puerto Rico is ONLY four years old and has a completely different taste as does all of the Puerto Rican Bacardi. I've queried a friend in the spirits business and even he wasn't able to find out what happened. I'm here to find out two things: First, is the Mexican Bacardi Anejo still being produced and two, how can I get it? I'm down to my last case. Thanks, all for your help. Bill
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