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Originally Posted by martincate View Post
RE: Zacapa palm bottle vs. new bottle. Sorry- it's the same rum. There has been no change to the rum. Ed and I confirmed that in Guatemala a few months ago. The confusing changes in the wording on the label are marketing directed moves, not the result in a change in the blend.
Oh, Martin, on your next visit to Orange County, look me up. I have new unopened bottles of the palm weave from the late 80's through 2002. I have done blind side by side tasting with the old and 3 different iterations of the newer bottles. If one goes in order, by 2's (an '88 with a '90, for instance), the changes are not discernible. But jump from the latest back to the first, it will become apparent. It's just a little sweeter, now.

When you open Smuggler's Cove, I'll tote you up some samples so that you can see I'm not crazy.

Do I believe that they are trying very hard to blend the same rum? Yes. BTW, I am really surprised that they CAN keep this rum's profile so close after so many years. Further, like you, I would call it the same rum.
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