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Well then, there you have it. I regularly buy USDA organic certified produce from other countries, and despite the fact that I look for DOC or DOCG on Italian wines and AOC on French, I never really thought about it as country specific, just as adhering to certain guidelines. In retrospect and with the consideration that one of the main points is to establish exclusivity, it makes perfect sense. I remember in Guadeloupe remarking on the wonderful wine selection in the grocery store and having a woman tell me, "Of course. You are in France." Were I to go back today, I'd be rum shopping instead.

So now I know all about AOC, but no more about the Vieux Labbй! I did find a page on Facebook that indicated that, like Barbancourt, some of the rum is from cane juice and other from molasses. So it may or may not be agricole. Or it may be semi-agricole. I don't know how I would be able to tell.
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