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Originally Posted by Anjanettea View Post
VivaCubaLibre, what did you think of the Zafra and El Dorado 15? I prefer the El Dorado over the Zafra, but I'm not a huge fan of the El Dorado.

Sorry for the incredibly slow response...its been a hectic year. All 5 of us who did the blind pairing agreed that the El Dorado 15 paired the best with whatever we were smoking. The Zafra was the least favorite, and too light for my taste. The Zacapa wasn't a bad second fiddle. I've never heard of any cigar smoker not being a fan of that Eldorado 15. In fact, whenever I do a blind pairing and Eldo 15 is one of the contenders, it always comes out on top. I've gone to great lengths to get a bottle many times, since its not sold in AZ. Hope that helps.

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