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Default Mount Gay Rum bottles

New packaging for Mount Gay Rums. If you've been following Mount Gay's Extra Old and 1703 you've seen the new bottle design. Now Remy is adapting that bottle for their whole line of rums.

I'm all in favor of progress, but considering that their are a lot of boat owners who have designed the liquor racks in their yachts to accommodate the old round bottle in the 750 or liter size, at great expense, this might be a mistake. The new bottle won't fit in the old space on these boats.

Considering that it was boat owners and crew who were at the core of Mount Gay's marketing focus for many years there is going to be a lot of talk about this change in bottle shape since it isn't backward compatible.

I hope this doesn't alienate a lot of old time Mount Gay drinkers, now there are more reasons to try Flor de CaƱa and other rums that will fit in that expensive teak bottle rack on your yacht.
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