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Default Celery bitters

The Bitter Truth is soon launching 2 new very interesting bitters:
Celery bitters and Jerry Thomas’ Own Decanter Bitters.

Celery bitters were produced in the nineteenth century by several different companies, and are occasionally cited in older recipe books, but the decline of bitters in the twentieth century sealed their fate and celery bitters were no more. This new bottling from The Bitter Truth marks the first time in many decades celery bitters have been produced.

At 45% alcohol,the Celery Bitters have a fiery kick.Behind the fire, there is a strong taste of celery seeds, along with a citrus bite and some spice.
There is a long finish of celery seeds as well as a moderate amount of bitterness. They have a real complexity and could be a very useful ingredient in many cocktails.

The Jerry Thomas Own decanter bitters are a limited edition tribute to Jerry Thomas based on the recipe he provided in The Bartenders Guide.
The bitters have a bright, mildly sweet initial taste. There are hints of raisin, clove and citrus, and the finish reveals some bitterness. They are less intense than The Bitter Truth’s own aromatic bitters, but the taste profile provides some interesting flavours.

The Bitter Truth

What i`m also very curious about is the Bittermens Bitters which are not yet available. They have some bitters called "Xocolatl Mole", “Squirrel Nut” and “Elemakule Tiki Cocktail” ..i could buy them only becasue of their names..especially the first and the last.

You can read and see a pic of some of those bitters here:

Bittermens website
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