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Default Introduction

Having began my journey into rum as part of my interest in food, wine and spirits a long time ago, finding much information on rum was difficult. Finding rum itself for that matter was not so easy.

Now, with resources like The Ministry of Rum available, we are truly fortunate to be able to share information on a kindred spirit in a way that was unavailable only a few short years ago.

I worked in the Wine and Spirits Trade for many years holding a number of different positions. I have participated as a judge at the Taste of Rum Festival in San Juan, Puerto Rico and have judged at numerous wine competitions over the course of my career in the mainland USA.

Since moving to Vieques Island, Puerto Rico in 1997 I have had the opportunity to see, hear, smell and taste how rum is so involved in the culture of the Caribbean. It continues to be a wonderfully fun journey. I look forward to sharing my experiences and tasting notes with you here and through my Blog.

Waylaid in the West Indies

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