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Default Edmond Briottet Rhum Santa Marita?

Hey guys,
I'm planning on reviewing "Rhum Santa Marita" from Edmond Briottet for my website. And I was wondering if anybody knew anything at all, about it? i.e. where it comes from, whether it is really Rhum Agricole, how old it might be etc... All I can find is from the Edmond Briottet website that says (excuse the translation from French, a la google):

"CANE SUGAR: In December January, the canes are flowers (arrows). highly mechanized harvesting today, is from February to June The cane stalks are cut closer to the ground. Then, the transport of cane by trucks and tractors (they replaced the cabrouet, ox cart with two wheels and flatbed). There are two methods of production, totally different but the final product called Rum: the RUM AGRICOLE and RUM (known professionally yet rhuml industrial). RUM: After extraction of sugar cane, the stalks are left to ferment. When all the residual sugars are transformed into alcohol, the juice is distilled."

i.e. that is no use. On the label, it says: "Appellation d'Origine De Iles Francaises Santa Marita", so from that I take it is non-AOC, and just from the French Islands. But has anyone ever heard of Santa Marita?

Any general thoughts on what where and how, in regards to this rum would be appreciated too.
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