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Default Long overdue Intro from The Bahamas

Good evening fellow rum lovers of the world. This intro is long overdue and I thought that before I posted my 50th message I should do an introduction to Gecko.

My desire for rum started (yes on the island we start early) when I was about 12 years old. I had a scout leader that worked with the Bacardi plant here in the Bahamas and as tradition would have it, he received 2 750ml bottles of Bacardi Silver every weekend. Our troop met on Friday evenings and on occassion he would bring a bottle with him. Rum and Coke at 12 was the bomb. As I got older, I became a noted soccer player (footballer) and I moved over to lager as many of my mates drank beer after the matches.

As most youths, I tried a number of beverages but as I became wiser, I returned to the spirit of The Caribbean "RUM". I was inspired by a very good friend David "BROSE" to start collecting rum and some nine years ago the collection began. I have travelled the world to find aged bottles of rum from the back streets of Cuba to Paris and beyond and at this point in time, my collection is beyond 85 bottles of at least 5 year old and above rum (yes I have many other bottles of white or light rum and flavoured rum also not included in the collection).

My collection includes the like of the following unopened bottles:
Admiral Rodney
Aplleton everything including 250 Anniversary
Angustura 1919 an 1824
Bacardi everything including Millennium
Barbancourt 15, and 5 star
Barcelo everything
Bermudez 1852 & Don Armando
Ron Botran Anejo & Solera 1893
Brugal everything including Unico and Siglo de Oro
Ron Centenario Anejo Especial & Commemoratino
Ron Centenario Fundacion XX Anos
Chariman Reserve
Clemete everthing including Homere
Colombus Anejo
Cruzan Single Barrell
Ron Cubaney Anejo & Reserva
Don Q Grand Anejo
Reserva Anejo Puerto Rico
Dorly's XO
Cockspur Special Reserve
English harbour
Flora de Cana everything including 21
Havana Club everything including 15 yr but not Maximo yet
J. Bally 1992
Macorix 8 anos
Ron Matusalem Gran Reserva and 15 yr from Santiago de Cuba
Mt. Gay everything including Tri
Olde Brigand Anejo and Black Label
Pyrat XO Reserve & Cask 1623
San Cristobal de La Habana Ron Anejo Solera
Ron Santiago de Cuba
Saint Etienne Reserve Speciale VSOP
Rum San Pablo
Tuduay 15 yr
Ron Varadero Anejo 7 anos
Zacapa everything including XO
Zaya Guatamala
Gosling's Family Reserve
Trois Riviores 1977
Ron Atlantico Private Cask
Diplimatico Reserva

My standard pour at my house or my pool bar which is known as "The Big Dog House" is Bacardi 8. My preferred rum is Zacapa XO or Matusalem Gran Reserva and now because of Miami and Robert the Ron Atlantico Private Cask.

Besides for Rum consumption and collecting I have a pretty good stock of Gin, Vodka, Scotch, Wines and a really impressive collection of Port (my wife's favourite) and good cigars.

I enjoy fishing, golf, soccer, public speaking and dogs "Rotties or Bull Mastiffs"

I found this site back in 2007 when I was looking to find a bottle of Ron Matusalem for Santiago de Cuba.

This site really and I am now a confirmed MOR junkie.

Thanks for all the great info and chats.
Save the water... Drink rum
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