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Default Quest for "The Ultimate Rum Runner" Part 1

My first posting. Sorry for the length.

Since tasting an unforgettable Rum Runner in a forgotten restaurant/bar in Orlando over ten years ago, I have had a quest to concoct the ultimate Rum Runner. My first attempts failed miserably so I dropped the idea until recently. First let me catch you up.

Last year at an annual scuba trip, I was first introduced to a new (to me) way of drinking rum: a small glass with a floater of diet coke. I don’t even remember what the rum was, but I was instantly hooked. I have been tasting rums ever since, and more recently started doing some online research. Here is my experience so far:
Appleton Estate V/X – The first “step-up” rum I purchased. I can’t call it a premium rum, but it did make Bacardi taste like vodka in a side by side comparison. I drank some of it with a diet-coke floater, and the rest as strong rum & cokes.

Flor de Cana 7 yr – I love this stuff! I am nursing this bottle mixing it with a diet coke floater or sometimes just an ice cube.

Pyrate XO Reserve – Frankly I am a little surprised about the hype with this rum. I find it to be rather sharp, with a definite citrus taste. I relinquished this to a mixer and have found it makes a very fine rum and coke.

Ron Anejo Pampero Aniversario – This rum has some very interesting flavors which I am not going to try to describe do to my lack of experience. I did find however, that the flavor gets lost quickly with mixing.
So I am on a road to discovering new and better rums, but for now my priority is continuing my quest for the ultimate rum runner. I tested the last 3 rums listed above with roughly the following measurements in a very small 2 oz glass: 2 parts rum; 1 part Vice Rei Banana Liquer – Portugal; 1 part Chambord Ligueur Deluxe, small ice cube. I found them all to be too sweet yet very reminiscent of that unforgettable rum runner I had in Orlando. My favorites were in the same order as the rums are listed above (not the Appleton, it is long gone).

After this all too long history, my biggest question is this. Is it a waste to use premium rums as a mixer? I mean; cost and availability aside, would some of the lower rated rums actually perform better in this “ultimate” drink I am fantasizing about?

I will follow with a “Part 2” post to get more into the details of what I am looking for in “The Ultimate Rum Runner”.
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