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Default South Sea Australian Rum

I frequent the many liquor outlets of my area one in particular always has something new. I was in there today and saw a new rum in there called South Sea Australian Rum. It was listed at 12.00 a bottle on sale from about 20.00. I figured I would grab 2 bottles at that price.

This rum touts itself as a pure rum with no additives. It even brags that is it one of the purest rums in the world. It states its free of foreign material or pollutants.

Here are a few quotes from their site and caskers which has the rum listed around 40.00

"Using hand selected crops of Northern Queensland sugarcane our rum is produced from the free run of the first pressings and blended with pristine waters from the tropical rainforest of the far north, making this one of the purest rums in the world.
An extaordinarily smooth rum offering fresh and enticing flavours. Complex in flavour and creation create a fantastic new rum experience demanding attention. "

"South Sea Rum is a rhum agricole crafted from hand-selected, fresh sugarcane grown in Australia.

Since sugarcane is unrefined, it carries a certain amount of terroir and is prone to oxidation. As a result, Geoff Barrymore and Andrew Nye, West Australia Distilling Company’s founders, quickly ferment the mash produced from the first pressings of their Queensland sugarcane as soon as it is harvested. “Our sugarcane is made right here,” says Barrymore, “nourished by the pure, unadulterated waters of Australia and this beautiful, natural environment.”

After fermenting the mash, Barrymore and Nye distill the wash twice — first through a copper-pot still and second, through a rectification column. After distillation, South Sea Rum is aged in charred, American oak barrels before resting in used bourbon casks. After a two-year slumber in the casks, the rum is brought to proof with pristine water from Australia’s tropical forests, before each bottle is filled by hand."

My first reaction:

The bottling is fairly eloquent and eye catching very distinct bottling. In the glass it is very light and has quickly forming legs running down the glass.

The aroma is subdued I get distinct hits of mainly honey and lesser vanilla. No apparent alcohol scent.

The taste which is most important (enjoyed pure from the bottle, neat): very light taste Quite smooth leaves the palate very quickly almost as if it were water. I get a hit of light smoke and spice which then fades to a honey vanilla with larger sips.

Overall for 12.00 plus tax I can't complain at all. This does taste pure to me and I don't doubt the process of making this rum. It tastes like rum to me maybe a little watered down I would prefer a cask strength or closer to but decent overall. I would recommend this rum.

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