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Default New Year Inventory reductions @ Kappys & Ron Millionaro

Just back from several stock up trips to Kappy's in Peabody yesterday - they often take inventory first week of January and are keen to get rid of odds and ends and other rums that will not be back for next year - therefore prices are lower.

Maybe be worth a trip this week for anyone local. Of note: Bermudez rums on clearence, MGXO at $30, MGblack 100pf ~$21, several others on special, and... a bottle of Ron Millionaro (peru) -an exceptional, and pretty hard to find rum, was a special order that got forgotten and is now on the shelf /clearence list.

I stocked up on the last of their JM Rhums on the clearence shelf and several others for the nw year! Enjoy! -kk
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