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Default Witch's Rock Costa Rican Rum

Your point taken. Did not imply that the trend was in any way dominant in the market, or, in fact the only growth segment. I am sure that this blip on the radar is just that, a blip. Just meant that these past few years are the first times which I had noticed spirits other than vodka marketing rum (Bambu, Witch's Rock), some tequilas, and a few other aged spirits for their "cleaness", number of distillations, and lack of aftertaste as the dominant taglines in their marketing literature rather than character of taste. As a bourbon and gin lover, too, I am awed by the growth of selection. My buddy has quadrupled his scotch collection and is swamped by the number of labels he has yet to try. Being new to the rum scene, I missed the Rumtini trend, thank God, which you mentioned, Ed.

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