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I would disagree that there is a growing trend toward neutral spirits. Ten years ago a few companies promoted rums which were distilled three, four or more times in such cutting edge cocktails as the famous 'Rumtini,' which lasted about as long as a bottle of rum at a sailor's party.

In the last few years, more new rums have come to the market that actually taste like rum than those that are simply highly distilled sugar cane spirits. Not to mention the growth of rhum agricole which, although one company touts their famous? rumtini which I've never seen on any menu in the French West Indies, is hardly a neutral spirit.

The vodka segment of the alcoholic beverage industry is growing, fueled by multi-million dollar marketing campaigns, but the interest in bourbon, tequila, whiskey, gin and rum indicates that the trend isn't toward highly distilled neutral spirits but toward well-crafted spirits that deliver quality flavor.

And then there's Absinthe, hardly a neutral spirit, which doesn't look like it's going to go away any time soon.

Even the vodka segment of the spirit industry isn't happy being neutral. What, vodka isn't a neutral spirit? How can that be? Well, just look at the number of flavored spirits on any spirits shelf claiming to be, well, vodka. Even Trump vodka, following the unprecedented success of the initial neutral offering, will soon be available in several natural flavors.
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