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Thanks for the welcome.

The main mamajuana that I have was given to me by a Dominican guy (long ago coworker) whose father was visiting him in NJ and he gave me a bottle that the old man brought in. I have used that for years. I just recently bought 2 bottles of the Don Ramon one to test out. You have to "cure" them with Vermouth and then cheap rum or gin first, dump the first few brews, then use a decent rum. So far they smell okay, but I haven't tasted them yet as the cheap rum is still in there.

I know that mamjuana will take the cheapest harshest rum and smoothen it out and spice it up. I still prefer to use a decent rum like a Barbancourt 4 year or something similar. When I drink rum neat I tend to go for an 8 year or better, or a Goslings, or something better. I use the 4 year or something similar for mamajuana, but even cheap gold rum works. I used to use a cheap no name Puerto Rican that comes in a plastic bottle before I learned about better rums.

I don't know about the aphrodisiac qualities, have to say I never needed a charge in that department... ...but it kicks the crappola out of Captain Morgans or other "spcied" rums. You can also add things like raisins, honey, molasses, and cinnamon sticks to the basic mamajuana jar to spice it up even more. Great stuff and it is a nice alternative to plain rum.
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