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Default Appleton 250th Anniversary Rum

Recently acquired a bottle of appleton 250th anniversary due to my grandfather passing away. I was hoping to learn more about this particular rum since I haven't found much information online about it. Almost all of the information i've found has been on this forum which is why I joined!

I have a few questions about it, and if anyone was willing to help out I would very much appreciate it.

Firstly, is this a rare rum? I'm assuming so because it seems fairly illusive online. Is it very well regarded?

How much would a bottle like this be worth? I have the full bottle, seal unbroken. As well as the wooden case and glass stopper. The only thing it seems to be missing is a small pamphlet that I have seen in some online pictures of it, though I assume this isn't a very big deal to most collectors. The rum itself seems to be in good condition. There are some small crystals similar to snowflakes floating in it, I'm assuming sugar crystals? Does this affect the value of the rum or is this a normal occurrence?

Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks guys
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