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Default Rum Experience International Tasting Competition Results

We're proud to announce the medals awarded at the inaugral UK Rum Festival Tasting Competition. Also wanted to say a huge thanks to all the judges who took part over the 2 days - you helped us make a special event.

The Rum Experience International Tasting Competition 2007

Categories and results

Best of Class…Appleton White (Jamaica)
No Gold Medal awarded
Silver Medal….Appleton White
Bronze Medal…Flor De Cana Dry 4 year old

Best of Class…Leblon (Brazil)
No Gold Medal awarded Silver Medal…Leblon
Bronze Medal…Brazilia

Best of Class…Trois Rivieres Blanc 50% (Martinique)
No Gold medal awarded
No Silver medal awarded
Bronze medal… Trois Rivieres Blanc 50%

Best of Class…Elements 8 Platinum (St. Lucia)
Gold Medal…Elements 8 Platinum
Silver Medal…Orinoco Brazilian Rum
Silver Medal…Rubi Rey Reserve Rum

OVERPROOFED RUMS (over 57.4% alc by vol)
Best of Class…Clarkes Court Pure White Rum (Grenada)
Silver Medal…Clarkes Court Pure White Rum
Silver Medal…Wray & Nephew White overproof
Bronze Medal…Worthy Park Rum Bar

Best of Class…1 Barrel (Belize)
Gold Medal…1 Barrel
Silver Medal…Cockspur 5 Star
Bronze Medal…Flor De Cana 4 year gold

Best of class…Diplomatico Anejo (Venezuela)
Gold Medal…Diplomatico Anejo
Gold Medal…Elements 8 Gold Rum
Silver Medal…Appleton VX
Silver Medal…For De Cana 7 year Old
Silver Medal…English Harbour 5 year Old
Bronze Medal…Havana Club 7 year Old
Bronze Medal…Angostura 1919
Bronze Medal…Conde de Cuba 7 year old

Joint Best of Class…Flamboyant (Mauritius) & Diplomatico Reserve
Gold Medal…Flamboyant
Gold Medal…Diplomatico Reserve
Silver Medal...Vizcaya VXOP cask 21
Silver Medal…Cruzan Single Barrel
Bronze Medal…Ron Barcelo Imperial

Best of Class…D’Agiuars XM VXO (Guyana)
Gold Medal…XM VXO
Gold Medal…Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva
Silver Medal…Appleton Extra
Bronze Medal…Cockspur 12
Bronze Medal…Mount Gay XO
Bronze Medal…Angostura 1824
Bronze Medal…Goslings old family reserve

Best of class…Santa Teresa 1796 (Venezuela)
Gold medal…Santa Teresa 1796
No Silver Medal
Bronze Medal…Matusalem Grand Reserva

Best of class…Khukri XXX Rum (Nepal)
No Gold Medal awarded
Silver Medal…Khukri XXX Rum
Bronze Medal…Goslings Black Seal
Bronze Medal…Skipper Rum
Bronze Medal…Alnwick Rum

Best of Class…Rhum Clement VSOP (Martinique)
No gold medal awarded
Silver Medal…Rhum Clement VSOP
Bronze Medal…Rhum JM Reserve Speciale
Bronze Medal Trois Riviere Cuvee de Moulin

Best of Class…Conde de Cuba Sweet Rum (Dominican Republic)
Silver Medal…Conde De Cuba Sweet Rum
Bronze Medal…Koko Kanu Coconut Rum
Bronze Medal…Lord Nelson Rum Liqueur
Bronze Medal…Green Island Spice Rum

For more information and details regarding the tasting competition please contact

The Judges credentials…
Ed Hamilton (USA)…needs no introduction on this board!

Dave Broom (U.K)…Dave Broom has been involved with drink for all of his working life. He's been an assistant manager at Odd bins, run a pub in Bristol and worked for two Australian wineries. These days he lives by the sea and writes about wine, whisky and other spirits for Wine, Wine & spirits International, Harpers, Decanter and others. His book, RUM was the winner of the Glenfiddich Drinks book of the year for 2004. It shows that there is no finer book about this sunny spirit! Not only a comprehensive study of the manufacture and history of rum, but also a characterful travelogue of a fascinating region.

Bruce Perry (U.K)… Sales Director at Eaux de Vie Ltd where he has had 81/2 years looking after the development of the quality aged spirits sector.
Eaux de Vie Ltd. is one of the UK’s leading Specialist Spirit Importers specializing in highly esoteric ranges of Cognac, Armagnac, Calvados, Grappa, Eaux de Vie d’Alsace, Whiskies from Scotland,
Ireland and America, Rum from the Caribbean and Australia as well as high quality Liqueurs, Port and Sherry. Prior to this Bruce worked in the West Indies at rum producer, St Lucia Distillers, for 6 years
where among other roles he was Caribbean Export Manager and was on The Distilleries Quality Control Tasting Panel.During the course of his career in the industry his business travels have taken
him as far a field as Chile, California, The Caribbean, Cognac, Armagnac, Calvados, Champagne, Bordeaux, Northern Italy, Jerez, Hungary, Romania and Ireland.

Mark Ridgwell (U.K)…During the 30 years he dedicated his life and liver to the corporate world of spirits.
In 1999, Mark set up Taste and Flavour, a network of speakers, all passionate about spirits and keen to share their knowledge with those wanting to enjoy spirits as products of nature and not as the manufacture of marketers, as luxuries to enhance their drinking experiences and not alcohol to abuse, as products of pleasure and not instruments of destruction, as potentially memorable drinking experiences and not the route to oblivion.

Rene Van Hoven (Netherlands)…Founder of the successful web site “Rumpages”, Rene has been a rum collector and aficionado for over 15 years. In the Netherlands he also writes for several
spirit magazines including SVB. With several tasting competitions from the Caribbean to North America under his belt and the fact that he has visited many rum distilleries, traveling for the love of rum is a common thing for this ‘Flying Dutchman’.

Mickael Perron (France)…is one of the UK’s top mixologists and winner of several competitions around the world including being crowned Grand Marnier’s bartender of the year, UKBG Champion bartender (2005) and Mattoni’s world grand drinks champion. (2006). In 2007 Mickael set
up his own bar consultancy company named BarNowOn.
Cyril Hugon (France)…is in charge of responsible marketing for the Dugas Company in Paris, France. Dugas, Frances biggest distributors of rums, currently look after rums from over 15 islands in the Caribbean.

Ben Reed (U.K)…is one of the industry's best-known mixologists thanks to his high profile as the BBC's Shaker Maker and his colourful career mixing cocktails for the capital trend setters and style leaders.
Ben began his bar career working with Sir Terence Conran to become head bartender for the prestigious downstairs bar at Mezzo. His career really broke during an enormously successful threeyear
stint as bar manager of London's premier private members club, the Met bar (where he won cocktail bartender of the year in 1997).Ben also wrote a column Barfly for the Saturday Times magazine for two years and to co-write his first book Hollywood Cocktails“featured in the Times and
the Telegraph newspapers top ten purchases for Christmas 99. His own book "Cool Cocktails published in 2000“ sold out in both the UK and the US in just four months and has currently sold 800,000 copies worldwide. He has since published 8 books and his latest "The Bartender's Guide" is available now.

Paul Artrip (U.S.A.)… resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He is a well-known rum aficionado and rummier to many rumophiles and Parrot Head clubs. His extensive personal collection includes over 150 rums and cachaзa.
Paul’s love of rums and related spirits resulted in the creation of sales education and marketing programs for premium spirits distillers and distributors as well as offering seminars on spirits trends amongst U.S. tourists.

Raymond A Burr (U.S.A.)… World traveller, writer and publisher of the Gifted Rums Guide, Robert has been collecting and evaluating rums from many countries for decades. His web site, featuring his hand-picked list of outstanding rums and information about his Gifted Rums tasting events, is popular among premium rum enthusiasts in South Florida

Raymond V Burr (U.S.A.)… Rum enthusiast and spirit guide for the younger generation in Florida, Robert appreciates the finer points of quality rum and cachaзa products, offering his recommendations to a growing population of up and coming fans of cane spirit products among the twenty and thirty-something crowd.

Duane Dove (Sweden/Trinidad)…Duane is from Trinidad & Tobago and a Sommelier by profession. He has been opening the palates of people from both Europe and the Caribbean to the new taste of Premium Barrel Aged rum combined with dark Artisan chocolates, made from high grade
cocoa. Since January 2006 Duane has been the proud owner of his own Cocoa Estate in Tobago. His restaurant Sjogras, boasts the largest collection of rum in Sweden.

Richard Wood (U.K.)…is the General Operations manager and mixologist for the Florida Bar group in London. Famed for making the “best Daiquiris in London”, the bar has one of the biggest collection of old and rare rums in Europe. Richard himself is no stranger to the rum world having a personal collection of over 200 rums that he has sourced from all over the globe.

Ian Burrell (U.K.)…The UK’s Ambassador of Rum, is the founder and organiser of The UK RumFest…The Rum Experience. A mixologist and rum aficionado he has been a well known face in the industry for 10 years promoting the wonders of rum. Ian was also a judge in the International Cane Spirits challenge in Ybor , Florida (2006 & 2007), the International Spirits Challenge (2007), and is the Chairman for the inaugural International Latin Spirits Summit in London (2007). He also runs Cottons, London’s No.1 Caribbean restaurant boasting the largest collection of rums for a bar in the U.K.
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