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The Friday night event at Cafe Atlantico was awesome, I had a lot of fun, not to mention a proper Ti Punch made for me by Ed himself (thanks again, Ed!)

I didn't get to try everything (I arrived later than anticipated) but did get to enjoy Neisson Blanc, Eleve Sous Bois and Vieux, as well as the Appleton VX, Reserve, and 12-year, and then the Flor de Cana 5, 7, and 12-year. I think that all I really missed were the Pyrat Rums.

Thanks to Jill for putting this on, and to Ed for attending and lending his expertise.

Wish I could be at the dinner (going on right now, darn it all) but it sold out!

So I'll have to wait until tomorrow night to see Ed again at Room 11 for another Happy Hour made much happier with more Ti Punch
"Anyway, rum's not drinkin', it's survivin!" - Romer Treece (Robert Shaw) "The Deep"
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