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Default Some of my favorite white rums

Did a quick tasting of a few of the white rums I have in my collection:

Ron Ocumare Reserve: This is one of my top favorite white rums. I has a "thicker" taste than some of the others if that makes sense. This makes a great Ti Punch or just on the rocks with a twist of lime...very refreshing

Barbancort Blanco: Another of my top choices in a white rum. It has very fresh clean crisp taste...perfect on a warm summer day on the rocks with a twist of lime. also makes an outstanding mojito

Myers Platinim: Don't really care for this one...has a very neutral taste...I am sure it would be difficult to taste the difference between this and a vodka

WJ Nephew Dry Rum: Not sure they import this anymore into the states but I find this to be a very smooth mild rum excellent for mixing and also on the rocks with a twist of lime (which is my favorite way to drink white rum).

I have another 8 white rums that I will have to sample and post later.
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