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Originally Posted by TheRumelier View Post
I wish I had known you were in Nassau earlier as the wife & I were in Nassau in February getting new US visa's. Not too many rums of note on Bay Street!! It was good to see all the historic sights and match them up to the photos my OldBahamas site. Next time we have to meet to talk and drink rum. Or if you have somebody heading south let me send them some rum to you.
Rumelier what a darn shame. I may be in your neck of the woods around October but even before then, T & C is hosting the Caribbean Golf Championships in early August. I won't be able to make that trip.

Again I must restate that your Old Bahamas site is really great . It is unfortunate that some of the older buildings are still not around. As for Bay St. and rum You only get the tourist stuff and the odd bottle of Bacardi. As we say here on the island, you need to go over "da hill" to find the bottles that you're looking for. Bristol Wines & Spirits leads the way for rum. Burns House/Butler & Sands have a few rums.

On closing out Rumelier, I noted in one of your Royal Victoria photos a reference to a drink known as "Appleton Beat". What is this???? Last night I enjoyed the taste of Cuba and Hatia. I post under what are you drinking tonight.

Let's keep in touch
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