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Default Seeking a Smokey Rum

Good evening all.

A few years back the wife and I spent a week in Paris and I picked up a bottle of rum at a boutique shop there. It was a small tribute batch made to memorialize an old rum type that was created to be extremely smokey.

When I say smokey" I don't mean dark, or oakey or wooden tasting. I mean smokey. It tasked like you were drinking woodsmoke. It smelled of smoke so much that my wife would not go within 10 feet or me or the bottle when I had some.

Here's the thing... the rum was incredible. It is an abiding sorrow of mine that I did not write down the name or take a photo of the story of the rum on the bottle to be able to better locate this delicious treat. Our heads were so full of the myriad details of being in Paris for the first time that I came home with nothing but a fuzzy memory of the story behind it.

I thought i might prevail upon the expertise of the group to help either recall the rum in question or any similar rums that have an extreme woodsmoke flavor and scent. I want to again drink that elixir where it smelled like I was standing downwind of a pitfire.

Any help or recommendations of similar rum types would be greatly appreciated.

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