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Originally Posted by RumBarPhilly View Post
Okay, thats the distillery I took a tour of. Ive never been super-impressed with any tour (Ive only been there and bacardi). I thought the impressive part was their ageing room which smelled nice.
I'm not sure if you're referring to WIRR or RL Seale's Foursquare distillery but there isn't really a lot of action to see at the molasses based distilleries since the fermentation tanks are the only place you can see the CO2 bubbles rising from the wash. And in some places you can see the bottling lines clanking along putting rum into bottles and sealing them, which can be impressive for the speed at which it is done.

The aroma in the aging warehouses always draws me in. These large building are always much cooler than outside in the tropical sun and since there is a lot of wood inside the acoustics are amazing. There is a certain reference felt when standing among a thousand or more rum barrels inside which the contents are silently sleeping to maturity.
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