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Default Mt Gay Eclipse and Vanilla Pod

Oh dear, a nice day here in the UK, sat in the garden all day with friends over for a BBQ, drank a whole litre of Mt Gay Eclipse, hic!

The missus came back from the supermarket at 11am and bought me a vanilla pod. I poured 70cl of Mt Gay Eclipse into an old Angostura 1919 bottle and dropped half a split Vanilla pod in for good measure. Less than 5 hours later the whole bottle has been consumed by me and another guest and it went down very well indeed. In fact it went down so well I thought I was back on the beach in Mauritius sipping local Green Island and Coke. Topped it up with another load and drank that rather quickly too.

Serious, I can't believe how different the taste is. A simple vanilla pod in 1 bottle makes so much difference.

And if I have to hit delete one more time to correct typo's!!!
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