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Originally Posted by Hank Koestner View Post
The complete title on the bottle is Neisson Cuvee Du 3 eme Millenaire Rhum Agricole XO.
I found this bottle in a spirit boutique in Gustavia on St. Barts last May. The blend is made of rhums that are aged up to 15 years, at 90 proof. I felt is was a reasonable buy at 60 euro. The bottle is a beautiful decanter, and , of course, is now only half full. The rhum is reminiscent of a smooth aged cognac, with supple flavors and a little punch at 90 proof, which adds a little heat as it goes down, but not in the mouth.
I will return to St. Barts ( and St. Martin, Anguilla, and possibly St. Lucia) in July of this year to celebrate my 50th, hoping not only to find another bottle of this rhum, but also other aged rhum agricole. Although I enjoy molasses based rums very much, rhum agriocole is my first love. I would welcome input from all of you as I prepare my shopping list!
I recently got my hands on a bottle of the the younger brother, the Neisson Extra Vieux....really worth a sniff. I haven't tried any of the other Neissons, but the first nose and sip are so much smoother than some of the other agricoles I've tried. The RnD guys did a nice review of it which I really can't argue with much except I lost him with the coconut comment..

Love to know others thoughts on this one if they have tried it..

Next stop, the XO..
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