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Originally Posted by UnkleNeeko View Post
Bravo! I am amazed and impressed at the depth in which you are able identify so many subtle flavors for any specific rum. I have read a few other reviews of yours as well in order to develop a method to this (pleasureable) madness.

How long have you been refining this art? I am still farely new to tasting and teasing out the "soft" notes in rums I taste. I find that my tongue or perhaps my mind becomes conditioned after the first 2-3 neat tastes and have to re-attempt the tasting at a later point Any tips?

I couldn't stop drinking it and I agree with with you on the silky texture, honey and allspice notes, but cannot find the oranges or marshmellows lying underneath !!!

Thanks for the kind words UkcleNeeko

My ability to taste and smell different flavours and aromas, I believe is some kind of inherent ability. I have always been a very finicky person with respect to food and beverage. I have always smelled and tasted things that others could not, sometimes to my delight, sometimes to my detriment. I remember after my house was built I called the gas company after I moved in because I could smell that distinctive smell of a gas leak, although no one else could. When the gas company arrived even their their equipment could not detect the leak, but I followed the fittings with my nose and found it, then proved it with soapy water on the fitting. Its the same with food. I remember refusing to eat some homemade sausage as a kid, I got a big whack on my rump from my dad for being so obnoxious. But the next day I was the only one who was not sick.

Where my skill has increased markedly in the last six months is in the identification of these tastes and smells. In my first reviews, I would tend to say, things like "I detect on offnote of bitterness". But reading other persons reviews and discussing the flavours I taste on this forum has helped me greatly to ferret out these illusive flavours. Now I might say "I detect the taste of copper tubing which give the drink a lurking bitterness".

I also find patience and honesty is a great virtue, returning to the rum five or six times before I write the review helps to tease out the flavours. Now I am more confident in what I taste and smell and actually dare to write it down. I also have learned not to be scared of being honest at the expense of occasionally getting it wrong, as my honest impressions have always seemed to get someone saying, "Hey, I taste that too."

And you are right. This is an immensely pleasurable hobby!!

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