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Hate to necro an old thread - but, then again, this rum deserves it.

Illogical's description the Exclusiva's flavors is spot on. A few thoughts of my own:

-The packaging is far and away the best of any rum I've purchased. Most premium rums settle for wrapping a wicker band around a boring old glass bottle, or selling the rum in a fancy cardboard or felt package that is immediately thrown away. The feel of the Exclusiva's frosted tumbler is entirely different. Frankly, it makes me feel like a pirate when I hold the thing.

-Illogical writes: "Could this be so sweet as to be sickly?" I answer: "No." It is, however, a very sweet rum - it reminds me of Kraken or Zaya Gran Reserva, although I personally find a freshly-opened bottle of Zaya to be slightly cloying. In fact, this will be replacing Zaya as the "sweet" rum on my counter-top. As an avid desert-baker and ice-cream-addict, I think the sweetness blends well with the other flavors, and I heartily appreciate it. Some might not.

-Yeah... this isn't a go-to choice for a Rum-n-Coke. You'll want a harder (and cheaper!) rum for that.

All in all, the big takeaway is this: if you're looking for a sweet premium rum, then this is for you. If you're a whiskey-drinker looking for rum on the side, maybe not.
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