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Try it for yourself.

An often overlooked factor in todays 'mixology' liquid led market is that 80% of what is thought of as taste is actually smell (overall taste is 80% smell, 10% taste and 10% visual appeal and expectations). You can only taste 4 basic components of flavour on the tongue - bitter, salt, sweet, sour (and a 5th, umami that deals with mono-sodium glutamate). The mint in a mojito for example - the tongue cannot taste mint but you can smell it with the 5-6million olfactory receptors in your nose. The garnish is a key ingredient necessary for the aroma.

Playing with aromas with cocktails is a fascinating area very relevant with whisky. The reason Edrington employed us is because they found that 80%+ of their staff didn't actually like whisky, particularly the women, when they wanted them to be passionate advocates. Softening the heavy aromas as you approach the glass with a rim of fresh strawberries allowed more people to appreciate the flavours.

Ben Reed, my business partner, teaches a fascinating advanced mixology course that covers how to use aromas in cocktails

However, I dare anyone to walk into a Glasgow boozer and ask for a single malt with a strawberry rim
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