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I like the Edrington crew - good luck to them.

We worked with Edrington about 5 years ago in what could have been IPBartenders most dangerous assigment. Our London based English bartenders were employed to go to Scotland and train every member of the Edrington staff - from the grizzled warehouse team to the admin staff - how to taste, mix and serve (their own) whiskies.

Anyone who knows the natural suspicion (hatred) the Scots have for the English, and their pride in and love for their own whiskies, made it akin to plunging into a tank to teach sharks how to bite.

They only balked when we demonstrated rubbing strawberries round the rim of whisky tasting glasses to soften the sometimes oft putting aroma of full flavoured whisky. A technique that really works well for novice drinkers - it means they can taste without powerful aromas - but not on the Scottish Highlands supposedly!

We survived, so happy days
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