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Originally Posted by Arctic Wolf View Post
I seem to have good luck with my Daiquiris. I use a 1:2:3 method of construction

1 part sugar syrup
2 parts fresh lime juice
3 parts rum (80 proof)

I shake with 4 large ice cubes, strain once and enjoy.

My construction happens to be very similar to the IBA official construction which is

4.5 parts white rum
2 parts fresh lime
1 part Gomme syrup

I think may bartenders use Lime cordial which is much different than fresh lime and has a kind of bitter/sour taste and lacks the nice citrus bite of fresh lime. I also find the bartenders (in my locale at least) do not use enough sugar.
Many bars do use the cordial and it disappoints me because the next thing I see is they put a real lime wedge in someones drink as a garnish.

In other news I will be reviewing the Bacardi Superior Heritage Limited Edition on RV, soon hopefully, and will attempt to make the best Daiquiri I can with it.
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