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Originally Posted by DJ Mal View Post
I don't drink rum & coke very often, but I know many on here do. Since Coke is a brand of cola, I'm wondering is everyone using Coke brand cola in their drinks? If you are, are you using the sugar version or the HFCS version? And what about all the other brands. Anyone try rum & Pepsi or rum & Fentimans. There are a lot of craft colas out there, anyone tried them? I'm just wondering if anyone has experimented with trying to find the perfect rum & cola. I know much has been said about the best ginger beer for a dark and stormy, but what about colas? When I do have a rum and coke I use Havana Club 3 year or Mt Gay Sugar Cane Rum with Coke made with real sugar.
I've always drank Diet cola as the amount of calories in regular cola's doesn't really add up in terms of what you miss in taste. I find the regular cola's too sickly now anyway.

I tend to stick with a budget supermarket's diet cola (Lidl) as it is very cheap but also very good. Other cheap cola's I have found to be pretty nasty.

I've always preferred Pepsi over Coke as it is less sweet and has more overall taste.

I find the Fentimans and the other premium "pop" (Americans call it soda) a bit of a fuss over nothing.

At the end of the day cola is a kids drink........
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