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Originally Posted by JohnnyFlake View Post
You didn't high-lite it but I did also mention Bacardi 8. Now, I probably know what your thinking - "Bacardi" in the class of a sipping rum? Like you and many, many others, I also found it hard to think of any Bacardi Rum that would be acceptable as a sipping rum. The Bacardi 8 is really a very good, quality rum and can definitely be enjoyed as a sipping rum.

Also, since so much appears not to be available in your area, maybe it would be helpful if you could list what is available and get some feed back based on those rums
JohnnyFlake I forgot about the Bacardi 8yrs old and yes I was thinking just what you said and my initial thoughts were that Bacardi products were only for mixing unless they had a flavor to it like Strawberries or something like that.

I looked it up and 1 of the 3 outlets here in North Bay has it. Bacardi 8years old is on my list but due to some reviews (notably one that said it was smoky) it won't be my first next purchase however I might be tempted if it's found in a smaller size bottle. Have you tasted Captain Morgan Private Stock or Doorly's XO? if so can you tell me where Bacardi 8 years old fits among them?

It isn't just my area that doesn't have the rums mentionned, it's the Liquor Control Board of Ontario which are the only outlets permitted to sale Alcohol/Spirits/Beer, other than the Beer Store, which can only sell Beer. The whole province of Ontario is under Spirit martial law and it's called the LCBO lol. Each province in Canada has their own Provincial Liquor Stores, I think, nothing Private.

You've got a good idea of me posting the available Rums here so you guys can pick them out but I don't want to get banned so early on for posting over *500 Rum products available in Ontario, on the forum It would take many hours figuring out all the ones that are available in and around my city

Thanks for taking the time to read and respond.

*The actual number is around 70, I.... miscalculated.

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