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None of them being available really sucks!

You didn't high-lite it but I did also mention Bacardi 8. Now, I probably know what your thinking - "Bacardi" in the class of a sipping rum? Like you and many, many others, I also found it hard to think of any Bacardi Rum that would be acceptable as a sipping rum. The Bacardi 8 is really a very good, quality rum and can definitely be enjoyed as a sipping rum. There is no way to explain it, you'll need to try it. I only bring it up, because I think that there may be a good chance that you'll be able to find it in your area.

Also, since so much appears not to be available in your area, maybe it would be helpful if you could list what is available and get some feed back based on those rums.

Originally Posted by chrism76 View Post
Despite hearing of that Rum I, unfortunately, don't have access to Barbancourt 8.

Well I don't know about being a Rum expert but thanks for the vote of confidence.

As for the ranking of the 4 Rums I mentionned.. I was only wrtting them Alphabetically.... maybe I am a Rum genius afterall !!!

"Strong, the Rum Force is! with this one!" lol

I looked up the "Zacapa 23, Vizcaya VXOP, Zaya or Diplimatico Reserva Exclusiva" but none are found in our Liquor stores in Ontario LCBO, yes yes I know that sucks, but that shouldn't stop me from getting my hands on some of your recommendations.

And I will let you guys know, I'm just so darn afraid of deceiving you all if I don't like them though, all that weight on my shoulders lol.

Again, another Rum not available at our LCBO.. (scratching my head and feeling embarassed of our Provincial Liquor Store "Selections"!)
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