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Default Newbie looking for Sippable Rum

Hello, my name is Chris and in order to know my Rum drinking experiences and likes and actually mostly dislikes, here is a little list of what I've tasted "Straight and on the Rocks" so far:

- Angostura 1919 (straight only)
- Baccardi White and Gold
- Captain Morgan White and Spiced
- Lamb's White (despise the smoky fumy smell and taste)
- Sailor Jerry

None of them are sippable to me. So I've figured that I should skip the rest of the Basic Entry-Level type Rums (other than Angostura) and try the next level brands which I can afford.

Here's what I'd like to find in a Rum:

- A Rum that is Sippable (As is or on the Rocks)
- The least amount of Alcoholic bite, anything subtle, the smoothest.
- Aftertaste that is Pleasant, not Ethanol.
- While I'm at it, I dislike the smoky smell and taste.

The following are some Rums that had great online reviews which can be found in our Ontario Liquor Stores (LCBO). I'm looking for your own quick compared reviews.

- Captain Morgan Private Stock
- Doorly's XO
- El Dorado 12yrs old
- Mount Gay XO

I've found reviews on the forum of Rums and I would appreciate very much if any of you tasted 1, 2, 3 heck even all 4 of the rums above and could give me their idea of which is closer to what I'm looking for and any suggestions or recommendations.

Thanks for reading and contemplating imposing here your experiences and wisdoms ohh wise Rum Masters you.. yes you!!
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