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Tiki Ti is the bomb! I've been going there for years and that bartender is one of the best (if not the best) I've ever seen. Beware the drinks - any more than 2 of most of them and it's cab time. I love the fact he closes for months every year to go to Hawaii. If any of you happen to be in LA and want to go there it's at 4427 Sunset Boulevard, in between Los Feliz and Silverlake.

I am a person who used to go to Don the Beachcombers in Hollywood all the time. Really great. There was also that large Polynesian place near Pico and Fairfax, the name escapes me now. The staff dressed like they were crew on the Love Boat.

They are opening a new Trader Vic's downtown at L.A. Live.

There also used to be the most fantastic Polynesian "gee-gaw" warehouse on San Fernando road. It was called Sea and Sand if I remember correctly. There you could buy anything from the cheapest plastic tiki head to a fully carved "totem" palm tree. They also had a black light room with a full size glowing Creature from the Black Lagoon. All the salespeople were ladies in mumus with plastic leis.

As for rum bars in LA, haven't found a lot but Ciudad downtown on 5th and Figueroa has rum flights, fantastic mojitos and REALLY good food. Their selection of rum is pretty good, that's where I first tried Oronoco, Zaya, Barbancourt 15, Aniversario and a few others.

Their chefs are the Too Hot Tamales who also have the Border Grill in Santa Monica and many cookbooks. The food is great. It's a nice place to hang on a weekday night on the patio, in the SoCal weather looking at downtown. Sunday is tapas night so that's a favorite. There's also a really great paella night.


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