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Originally Posted by bluewave6 View Post
Had a friend bring me back a bottle of Old Monk from a recent trip to India. The bottle she brought me back was actually labeled for distribution to their armed forces only (not for retail sale). ................................Could not really pick up any other flavors in it. Will have to visit it again. My wife really liked it but I did not care for it.
Hi, it is a good thing that you got a military rum as it is known or any military rum. The good thing about military rum is that is the best than a retail one, coz you can trust that it is original. you can try this if you go to india and lay hand on various old monks viz .,military vs retail vs bar. Old Monk is like God rum in India and one of the hardest that few would dare to drink( appreciate that your wife likes it) I like to drink it with Thums-Up(a variant of coke from coca-cola in India) and ice.

And not that rum/alchohol is distributed to the military, it is subsidised like many other goods(food,clothes,shoes,toiletries,etc.(CSD services)) which is available only for the defense personnel. So most/all goods have a label on it,like the one you got saying -FOR DEFENSE SERVICES ONLY- or things like that,so that it cannot/should not be sold in retail market(evading tax due to it being heavily subsidised),,,,thanks...
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