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Originally Posted by Tiare View Post
Can you tell me something about the difference in the flavor profile between the 15 and the 21?
I'll give you what the experts say about the 21 and 15 and I'll add the 12 as toppings
El Dorado Special Reserve 21 Years Old Rum
• El Dorado Special Reserve 21 years old rum is an exquisite rum. This is a blend of selected aged rums to achieve the superb colour, smooth taste and full fragrant aroma. The rums are matured in 45 gallon oak casks in an ideal natural climate for ageing - within six degrees of the equator on the tropical north coast of South America, blended to perfection.
• Experts described this rum as having an inviting, rich yet caramel hue. A nose with a degree of complexity allowing one to appreciate the subtle confectioned nuances to linger.
• The first taste is warm yet silky with a full bodied rich mouth feel. The warmth of alcohol is supported by fine, smooth yet integrated oak allowing the tropical flavours to permeate and take you to a long pleasurable finish. This is designed for the connoisseur of rums who has the time to indulge and appreciate the wonders of this creation. This drink is best savoured on its own.
• “…Mixed dry fruits with green apple, liquorice and spicy oak. Silky smooth mouth with old fashion fruit cake, dark chocolate, coffee and vanilla with hints of marmalade. Some almond and walnut lead into long finish. Dry, fruity finish …” (Judges tasting notes – International Wine & Spirit Competition, 2005)
• Its recent award was at the Chicago Beverage Tasting Institute, the premier tasting institute in the World. This rum scored the highest points ever given to a rum, 98 points out of a possible 100 points.

• At this same competition it was described as “Copper colour. Rich mocha, toffee, pipe tobacco, and brown spice aromas. A rich, satiny and vibrant entry leads to a smooth, dry-yet-fruity full body of toffee, coffee, and brown spice flavours. Finishes with a seemingly endless, sweet nutty fade with evolving layers of tobacco, chocolate and spice. A monumental aged rum that is one of the world’s greatest rum drinking experiences.”

El Dorado Special Reserve 15 Years Old Rum
• El Dorado Special Reserve 15 years old rum is the finest in a range of Demerara rums. Made from specially selected aged rums, blended to perfection and aged in oak casks.
• The rum is packaged in a gold embossed presentation box illustrated with a maritime design, underlying Demerara Distillers’ association with ancient maritime tradition. The bottle design was inspired by the shape of the old hand blown flasks used, over three centuries ago, to ship spirits to the sugar plantation in Demerara.
• The Chicago Beverage Tasting Institute described the El Dorado Special Reserve 15 years old rum as follows -: “....attractive, rich copper hue. A complex nose of confectioner' s sugar, banana and cedar. A silky entry leads to a moderately full-bodied palate of vibrant, yet refined dry caramel and grilled tropical fruit flavours braced by warm alcohol, and firm, smooth oak spice. Somewhat Scotch like, with subtle peaty overtones. Beautifully proportioned and designed for long contemplative sipping." Judges panel, International Wine & Spirits Competition 2006 described the El Dorado Special Reserve 15 years old tasting note as “Coffee and vanilla bean, dried stone fruits (plum and morello cherry) caramel, chocolate and toasty oak aromas waft from the glass. A lush, sweet almost chewy mouthfeel; very complex with oak spiciness a foil to the oily sweetness. Absolutely outstanding.” The El Dorado Special Reserve 15 years old rum is viewed as a fine cognac-like rum and is possess the most intriguing and complex character in its class
• In 2003 it was superb (90 – 95) highly recommended in Wines Enthusiast Magazine and was described as “Opening nosing pass shows deft touches of caramel, honey and molasses. Palate entry is dry to off-dry and mildly honeyed; the midpalate is stately, medium-bodied and tastes of tar, tobacco, old oak and molasses. After taste is long, bittersweet, brandy-like and tastes of dark caramel.
• Also in 2003 it was featured in “Which” Magazine and was described as “a mellow, brooding richness, with lots of dark flavours and spice.
• Forbes Magazine – August 2005, Wine & Food Feature, The El Dorado Special Reserve 15 years old rum was identified as one of the top 10 Remarkable Rum. “… This rum is dark and amber-coloured, with an intriguing smoky sweetness on the nose. The flavour is all fruitcake and treacle in the front of the mouth, but shows an unusual dry finish…” (Judges comments)
• Also in 2005, in Annual Buying Guide for Products available at the SAQ, Francois Chartier, Authorative Premium Wines Author in Quebec noted “Finally a remarkable rum at the SAQ! The appearance is amber and well proportioned. The nose is very rich, complex and penetrating with warm notes of English carmel, soft spices, pepper, wild ginger, soffran, dried figs, dried apricot and cigar box (cedar). Reminiscent of a great 30-year-old port, the mouth is at all once full bodied and fragrant, powerful and enveloping, soft and texturized, savouring taste of incredible length. Walnuts, hazel, caramel, spices, cigar and marinated figin the spirit reveals the explosive cocktail of this remarkable finish. A great rum which will be a sensation at the desert hour.”

El Dorado Special Reserve 12 Years Old Rum
• This distinctive spirit, aged in oaken casks and blended to achieve a smooth strength and rich, full-bodied taste, is a rum of superb colour, full, fragrant aroma.
• In describing the El Dorado 12 years old, the judges at the Chicago Beverage Tasting Institute said "… Copper. Lush tropical fruit and spice nose. Round, mellow, full bodied palate with powerful fruit, tobacco, and orange peel. Leather and toasty and oak flavours. Hedonistic and well balanced." Tasting note is described as: Rich amber colour, with aromas of banana and vanilla; Pure and subtle.
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