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I have had the same thought about glass, but I don't see anyone marketing glass as environmentally friendly. So I guess its that angle I object too the most.

But having said that, I guess I should admit that I am not sold on the concept of alcohol sold in a plastic bottle, as I do wonder if some of the plastic makes its way into the Spirit. (I think I can taste it but I might be fooling myself.)

I have tried to do a little research on this topic, but finding credible information has proved elusive. Plastic bottles containing BPA (Bisphenol A) have been banned in many jurisdictions as the chemical has been found to leech into the contents which is especially troublesome as this was a common component of infant bottles. I could only find scant evidence that a similar process occurs with plastic PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles, but I recognize that BPA was used for decades before the problem was discovered. I worry that the economics of using PET cloud our judgment and blind us to what might be the dangers.

I found lots of statements from groups like which state that because the FDA says the risk is minimal we shouldn't worry, but none of these statements that I found actually quoted any research study.

However, the scant evidence I found points to studies conducted by William Shotyk, a geochemistry professor at the University of Heidelberg, who published two studies (here and here) that show that antimony, a potentially toxic trace element, leaches from PET bottles over time.

There appears to be no dispute over William Shotyk's studies, only over whether these levels are really harmful. Unfortunately that retort seems awefully familiar if you follow the history of the BPA studies where it appears no one took things seriously until it was demonstrated that BPA acts as a hormone mimicking chemical. Since that helped the understanding of why it was harmful, the FDA began to take notice.
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