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Kevin! Good to see you here. I'm pretty new to posting on this site but I have been enjoying reading all the information so far.

First of all, I know that you will share whatever treasures you get with your fellow New Yorkers....

Second, please know that the 2 bottle customs limit is not an absolute limit, but only a duty-free limit. You can bring in more than 2 bottles, but you (or your friend) could be subject to pay duty on these bottles, which is really not that much per bottle (like less than $5)- if they even decided to assess you. Generally they don't bother with the paperwork - but the key is to be totally honest about how many bottles you have. I can share the customs duty list with you that I found a while back that has the amount of duty for various items - just have to locate it again. I completely understood why they don't bother with the paperwork when I saw how little the duties are on most items.

Third - while I think the rum recommedations so far are excellent, think about having your friend pick up a bottle of Berry Hill Pimento Liquor instead of an Appleton 12. It's a key ingredient for many tiki/rum drinks and its getting more difficult to get here in the US. The St Elizabeth's Allspice is nice, but the Berry Hill has more flavor and spice to it.

Fourth - as rum drinkers we carry on a long-standing tradition of being upstanding, humble and law abiding folk who never make waves , so therefore I would never suggest anything that was not above-board, but I'm pretty sure they have Havana Club in Jamaica.....
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