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Originally Posted by Edward Hamilton View Post
I'll second that. I was calling on the Hula Tiki Bar and Grill in Santa Cruz, CA on Thursday and they were blown away by the nose, flavor, quality and price of that rum.
What is fantastic about this rum is that generally when you mention white rum the response is turning up of noses. Not this one. I know of people who have indicated that they can sip this rum and feel comfortable. Infact no one wants to taste white rum and I have had almost everyone visiting our distillery taste this rum and the responses were "whow, this is different, this is not the white rum we know". In cocktails it gives you a much more rounded drink. Generally in an "ordinary" white rum cocktail such as a mojito the rum tends to rush at you up front with your fruit flavour lagging behind. With the 3years old the rum sits in the cocktail and stays with your fruit flavours hence a round smooth drink. That's the idea of a cocktail, ingredients that compliment and enhance each other
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