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Originally Posted by RumClub View Post
And sincereously, what do you think about it?
Can you report a little review about your feelings?

For example I consider Eldorado 21 not so fine as 15 is.
But I have the strange feeling to consider blue labeled rum as commercial operations/edition...

Is the 25y a really great great great Rum? I really hope you reply yes...
Daniele, sorry I did not respond to yo earlier. And thanks Paulipbartender, it makes your day when someone pays you such compliments.
We make some fantastic rums that are totally different from each other. Again preference to rums is dependent on the individual. Even though we produce the world best rum my preference is the El Dorado 12 years old. It has a nose like Christmas fruit cake or a good Gyanese Christmas black cake. This nose is all fruity and inviting, appealing to the palate and making you want to drink. It has a big mouth feel that stays there after it gone to give you long after enjoyment. Some individuals reading my discription my diagree and prefer th 15 or the 21. It is all a matter of persona preference.
Our 3 years cask aged is one of the best thing to happen to white rum.
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