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Since I didn't write this article I didn't have much input into which rums were discussed. My discussion with the editors was that Puerto Rico produces some of the lightest rums in the Caribbbean, in order of increasing body, Trinidad would be the next logical step, then Virgin Islands, on to Barbados and lastly Guyana and Jamaica.

Had I seen the layout before this was printed, I certainly would have suggested some changes, but as a source for an article, I didn't have any input into how this was going to be laid out or which rums they were going to use. Certainly, the informed members of this forum would agree that El Dorado 3 year old cask aged rum is a light rum, despite the fact that it is from Guyana. On the other hand, El Dorado 15 year old is one of the heaviest rums from the Caribbean. In the past fifteen years I've seen the Jamaican rums tend to be a bit lighter in body my point being that it is impossible to make generalizations about the most diverse of all the distilled spirits and be correct all the time.

And as a source for an article, there isn't much I can do about which rums are highlighted or how they are portrayed. In defense of Food & Wine, I will say that they did put Trinidad above the bottle of Zaya and despite the heavy vanilla flavor, the base rum is quite light, though probably not as light as the Puerto Rican rums.

In the bigger scheme of things I see a number of people who have come to this forum after tasting Zaya and saying "I didn't know rum could taste like this," and have then gone on to discover other rums that are less sweet and that have less vanilla flavor.
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