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Originally Posted by Berbician View Post
Waitrose has Cockspur 5 star on special offer at the moment - £9.99 a bottle instead of £12.99. They also have a good deal on one of the Havana Club rums - can't remember which one or the exact price, but again it's somewhere in the region of £3 off per bottle.
At a tenner the Cockspur 5 star is a bargain!

I've found that each rum at Waitrose goes on offer every four months or so. I tend to buy a bottle of Barbancourt whenever it is on offer, same goes for the Angostura.

I believe the Havana Club they stock is the Añejo Especial.

Originally Posted by Carbon View Post
Is Cockspur 5 star the same as the "Cockspur Fine Rum" that we get here in the U.S.? In any case, I rate Cockspur's entry level rum as a better Barbados gold than Mount Gay Eclipse is (although I'll have to do a side to side showdown to be sure).
Carbon, yes, I think it's the same. I've heard it being referred to as both "Cockspur Fine Rum" and "Cockspur 5 star".
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