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Here is a quote i lifted from the rum bible:

"Rum surprisingly outsells tequila in Mexico and the country
produces well over 10 million gallons a year."

Which is surprising considering how difficult it is to find any!
Here are some:
Villa Rica,
Gran Pañuela,

There are a few people that bottle Mexican Rum under an international name:
Bacardi being the most notable (Anejo, and Solera i believe, though i could check.).

Also there are companies that buy and age/ or bottle, Mexican rum like:
Deep Sea Rum (never had it)
Blind Squirrel-delicious, and versatile, if a little un-complex (and wonderfully inexpensive if you are near an outlet.) Rumdog007 is right about its 'primarily' utilitarian nature, but i had no problem drinking half of my bottle neat or on ice with just a twist.

These are some, but i have to go to work..
a drink with forrest . . .
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