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Default First post, long-time rum lover

My love for rum goes way back to my sailing days when Mt. Gay & tonic or a good Dark & Stormy was the way to celebrate a day or so on the water. But when not on the water I was (and remain) a Revolutionary War re-enactor where we would gather after a battle to fathom the bowl. A disastrous encounter with whisky grog sent me back to rum. I have acquired a taste for Barbadian rums as well as aged Agricoles. My rum closet has been built up to about 70 very good sippers and mixers, mostly aged darker rums/rhums, many of which I bring back from France since some many really good ones are not available in the US. While my search for newer rums is ongoing, I am conscious of price point and value. Looking forward to extending my search with the MOR.
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