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Originally Posted by Paulipbartender View Post
I always start with Cachacas and agricoles because the vegetal, floral notes can be quite hard to appreciate after you've been swilling heavier rums. Then I go whites, more aged, navals then overproofs.

After which I generally get a stupid grin on my face, chat up random women, solve the problems of the universe, find myself in a lock-in and wander home at stupid o'clock.

It never gets old.....

I on the other hand........
Hey Paul,
I had a Rum-Tasting this night with absolut beginners: I startet it with two white rums - a El Dorado and a Neisson Blanc. Then we mixed a T-Punch witch the Neisson 50%. Than comes a Cadenhead´s Cuban 5y with 46%, follows with a 12y Peruan Cartavio 12y Solera in normal strength (40%). Had a break and a soup... But then it starts again with two Rhum Agricole: Mangoustan´s and St. Etienne Vieux. Amaizing! Following with Jamaica 14y from Cadenhead´s in 46%, then a Cadenhead 18y Enmore Demerara Rum with 63,3% and than my own bottling (with 57% ) both batches. The young people was very surprised how rum can taste.
and it was devinitly not a "common" beginners-tasting!
Looking forward to see you in my "holy rooms" ;-)

Once again, a big, big thank you for the wonderful time in london! (please say it also to Ian)

kind regards
Kristina from Berlin
Only the best ist good enough!
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