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Originally Posted by Richman View Post
Cuba Libre

Hands down. It's the gateway to the rum world.

Three dot's and a dash is my favorite now. I'm in love with bitters. I add them to everything now, even my Cuba Libre.
Comparing the best to the best selling or best to the most popular?

If you ask which is the best rum in the world on this forum, most people would probably be appalled if you suggested that the best rum in the world was the most popular, which would probably be Bacardi White or Superior, depending on where you are in the world. But is this the best rum in the world? That my friend, depends on your criteria. If I owned that rum I would more than likely say that it was the best rum in the world. After all it is the one that makes me the most money.

Sure rum and coke is the gateway drink to the rum world, no one will argue that but if it really was the best rum drink why would so many people wander from it. On the other hand, to say that a ti punch, or any other drink, isn't great because it isn't available in your bar suggests that you need to go to some better bars. I'm not picking on anyone or their choice of rum cocktails, drink it any way you want to and use whatever metric you choose to validate your choice.

In the end, I am confident that you'll find that as the most diverse of all the distilled spirits it doesn't take a lot of looking to find better rum cocktails than rum and coke. Personally, it has been several years since I drank a rum and coke. And it wasn't the high fructose corn syrup sweetened concoction that is sold as coke in most places in the US and beyond. It was sugar cane sugar sweetened coke from Central America mixed with 12 year old Flor de CaƱa.

There is no doubt that rum and coke is the most consumed rum cocktail in the world, but few who have tried anything else would dare to suggest that it is the best.
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