Chicago Ministry of Rum Festival 2010
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Kick off cocktails at Ja'Grill
Kick off cocktails at Ja'Grill
Cruzan Rums
Cruzan Rums
10 Cane
Kick off cocktails at Ja'Grill
And more rums
10 Cane
Brugal Rums
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presented by the Ministry of Rum & Bottom Lounge

Bottom Lounge
Thursday - June 3, 2010
Into to Rum with Edward Hamilton @
1008 W Armitage
Chicago, IL
Map to Ja'Grill
Featuring Don Q and Appleton Estate Rums
7pm - 9pm
Appetizers and Music from the islands.
Friday - June 4, 2010 @ Volcano Room
Map to Volcano Room
1pm - 4pm
Sugar Cane Spirits Seminar
Learn the origins of the Caribbean Spirit
Experience some of the different styles of the most varied of all the distilled spirits
Learn what to look for when selecting your next bottle of sugar cane spirit.
How to best enjoy the sugar cane spirit you have selected.
Are you a member of the Trade? You may be eligible for a complimentary ticket to this seminar. Register here.
Blackhawks Pre-Game @ Volcano Room
5:30pm - 7pm Cocktails - Rum cocktails and snacks before the Blackhawk's play in the Stanley Cup Finals.
During the game, enjoy drinks and cigars on the patio.
Saturday - June 5, 2010 @ Volcano Room
Chicago Rum Festival 3 pm - 6:00 pm
Press & VIP 2pm - 3pm
Sample rums from around the world and taste the best of the distiller's art.
Cocktail seminars with Peter Vestinos
6:00 pm
Cooking with the great flavors of Don Q rums and pairing your meal with Great Don Q Cocktails
John Meisler will demonstrate his New Orleans culinary heritage with dishes like
     Pirates Coast Jambalaya
     Mojito Shrimp Cocktails
     Grilled Lamb Chops in Gran Anejo rum reductions sauce
     Creole Bread Pudding or Bananas Foster with Rum Sauce.
6pm to Sunset
Rum & Cigar mixer on the patio
10 Cane Rum
Appleton Estate Rums
    Appleton VX
    Appleton Reserve
    Appleton Extra 12 Year Old
    Appleton Extra 21 Year Old
Brugal Rums
    Brugal Añejo
    Brugal Extra Añejo
Cabana Cachaça
    Cabana Cachaça
    Cruzan Estate Light Rum
    Cruzan Estate Dark Rum
    Cruzan Single Barrel Estate Rum
    Cruzan Blackstrap Rum
Don Q - Serralles
    Don Q Cristal
    Don Q Gold
    Don Q Añejo
    Don Q Gran Añejo
    Don Q Coco
    Don Q Limon
    Don Q Mojito Rum
    Depaz Blue Cane Amber Rum
El Dorado
    El Dorado 3 Year Cask Aged Demerara Rum
    El Dorado 5 Year Old Cask Aged Demarera Rum
Flor de Caña
    Flor de Caña 4 year old WOhite Extra Dry
    Flor de Caña 4 year old Gold
    Flor de Caña Grand Reserve 7 year old
    Flor de Caña Centenario 12
Kilo Kai
    Kilo Kai
Kraken Rum Co.
    Kraken Black Spiced Rum
La Favorite
    La Favorite Rhum Agricole Blanc
    La Favorite Rhum Agricole Ambrè
    La Favorite Rhum Agricole Vieux
Haus Alpenz
    Scarlet Ibis Rum
        St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram
    Velvet Falernum
    Smith & Cross
Matusalem & Co.
    Matusalem Platino
    Matusalem Classico
    Matusalem Gran Reserva 15 Solera Blender
New Holland Brewing
    Freshwater Rum - Michigan White
    Freshwater Rum - Michigan Amber
    Freshwater Rum - Superior Single Barrel
Mount Gay
    Mount Gay Eclipse Silver Rum
    Mount Gay Refined Eclipse Barbados Rum
    Mount Gay Sugar Cane Rum
    Mount Gay Extra Old Barbados Rum
    Neisson Rhum Blanc
    Neisson Élevé Sous Bois
    Neisson Rhum Rèserve Spèciale
Oronoco Ltd.
Pampero Anniversario
    Pampero Anniversario
Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala
    Zacapa Centenario Gran Reserva
    Zacapa XO
And more to be announced . . .
Door prizes and special gifts from the Ministry of Rum and the people who enjoy making rum as much as you enjoy drinking it.
Details from last year's event.

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