Rum Seminars with Edward Hamilton
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April 28, 2010 @ 8 Rivers Restaurant
1550 Blake St
Denver, CO Google map
Edward Hamilton will be conducting two sugar cane spirit seminars focusing on
History and origins of sugar cane spirits
Styles of sugar cane spirits consumed today
Fermentation, Distillation, Aging and Blending
Modern Production and the Magic in every bottle
How to best appreciate the cane spirit in your glass.
Afternoon Trade Seminar and Tasting
1:00pm - 3:30pm
Tailored to: Bartenders, Beverage Servers and Retail Sales
Tasting of a variety of sugar cane spirit styles and how they are made.
Technical aspects of rum making, how raw materials, choice of yeast, distillatioin equipment, aging and blending effect the final product.
Food to complement the spirits you're serving.
Sponored Cocktails at the conclusion of the Seminar.
Evening Rum Lover's Seminar
6pm - 8pm
Introduction to my favorite spirit and how it became the Spirit of the Caribbean.
Learn to make simple Cocktails that will impress your friends and family.
What to look for and how to choose your next bottle of sugar cane spirit
without breaking the bank.
Sponored Cocktails at the conclusion of the Seminar.
For Reservations please call 8 Rivers Restaurant at 303-623-3422.
Mount Gay
Tommy Bahama
Brazil - Cachaça
Cabana Cachaça *
El Dorado *
Appleton Estate Rums
Martinique - Rhum Agricole
Flor de Caña
And a few more . . .

* Thanks to the sponsoring brands that made this seminar possible.
Here are a few comments from people that attended the Denver Seminar:
The folks at Downslope Distilling would like to Thank Mr. Ed Hamilton for an outstanding seminar on Rum Production and Tastings.
We highly recommend any seminar Mr. Hamilton conducts for people in every aspect of the business.

Mitch Abate - Distiller
DownSlope Distilling, Inc.
Centennial, Colorado
Over a period of 2-1/2 hours, Ed took us on a delightful tour of the world of rum, exposing us to the incredible diversity of his favorite spirit by tasting offerings from Jamaica, Guyana, Nicaragua, Barbados, Brazil, Martinique and even a small artisanal distillery, high in the mountains of Colorado. Each of the rums was chosen to illustrate different ingredients and manufacturing techniques.

We tasted rums made from sugar, molasses, and fresh sugarcane juice; rums made on pot stills and column stills; rums aged three months and rums aged 15 years. The ability to compare ten, very different rums at one sitting, combined with Ed’s casual and knowledgeable narrative, made for a very special evening.

Anyone who makes their living with adult beverages or who simply wants to learn more about this amazing elixir, needs to jump on a plane or train and get to a Ed Hamilton Rum Seminar.

Better yet, just take a taxi and enjoy yourself.

mikun - Ministry of Rum Forum member

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